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Project Description

Stationary ozone generators

The EC Family

The EC family of stationary ozone generators are global leaders in their performance class. The EC ozone generators are designed for continuous operation in ambient air and utilize unique U.S. patented double dielectric barrier discharge technology to achieve ozone outputs of 15g/h and 30g/h. Higher effluent flow rates may be accommodated by using multiple generators. Since ozone is an extremely powerful oxidant and yet does not harm the environment or leave behind toxic by – products, EC ozone generators are ideal for environmentally conscious air purification.

Standards, Safety Features and Packaging

All EC models comply with UL and CSA standarts,and come with safety features including a semi-automatic power circuit breaker, two differential pressure regulators and an interlock which shts off the generator if the enclosure door is open.

Typical applications

The high ozone output levels of EC generators are especially suited for odour removal applications requiring large scale air purification such as food processing plants,farm buildings housing livestock, chemical plants and sewarge treatment plants. The EC generators are easily added to existing exhaust systems by use of standart ducting.

EC generators are typically installled and connected to emission ducts of restaurants, kitchens, food (meat and fish) storages, and food processing industries.


Ozone can adversely affect indoor plants, and damage materials such as rubber, electrical wire coatings, and fabrics and art work containing susceptible dyes and pigments (U.S. EPA,1996a ).


Ozone output is expandable by connecting multiple units together to accommodate higher effluent flow rates.

Safety Features

  • semi-automatic circuit breaker
  • differential pressure regulators (2)
  • door interlock
  • high flammability resistance to standard v0


Fiberglass enriched polyester ozone outlet diameter 4”

Other Features

Time counter records total operating time.


1 year.