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A series of questions and answers relating to
the technology behind the Ecozone ozone generators.

What steps should be taken before the Ozone generator is activated?2021-01-12T14:08:02+02:00

Prior to operating the ozone generator, all people, pets, and plants (PPP) must be vacated from the room and all windows and doors should be closed. In any circumstances, exposure to ozone must be avoided.

Therefore, the ozone generator should be operated only by an authorizedservice person.

Are Ecozone ozone generators safe for use?2021-01-12T14:07:20+02:00

The Super ActivO machine has an enforced ozone destruction mechanism which ensures that upon completing the operation cycle the residual ozone is removed.

This allows people to reoccupy the treated room immediately.

Why are Ecozone ozone generators so effective in sanitation treatments?2021-01-12T14:06:25+02:00

Ecozone ozone generators are very effective in sanitation treatments because they produce high levels of ozone in high humidity conditions which are necessary for the eradication of bacteria and viruses.

Is it also possible to perform ozone Shock Treatments using Ecozone generators?2021-01-12T14:05:22+02:00

Yes. Due to their high ozone production-rate, Ecozone ozone generators can perform

shock treatments in relatively large room volumes.

What is an ozone Shock Treatment?2022-09-13T19:30:02+03:00

An ozone shock treatment is a fast treatment during which the ozone concentration inside

the treated room is in the range of 10-20 ppm. Shock treatments are frequently required in

sites that are heavily loaded with organic-based contaminants.

Are by-products formed during ozone production?2021-01-12T14:04:21+02:00

The ozone production-rate of Ecozone ozone generators is relatively very high because

most of the excitation energy (over 98%) is tuned and channeled to resonate only with

the oxygen molecules in the air and to break them apart. Thus, practically, no energy is

wasted on breaking up nitrogen molecules (which comprises about ~ 80% of the air) and

hence no nitrogen ions are produced and recombine with oxygen to form NOx byproducts.

(This is in contrast to other types of ozone generators which break up nitrogen molecules

and thus create high levels of NOx byproducts).

Does the ozone output of Ecozone ozone generators vary with increased humidity?2021-01-12T14:03:44+02:00

Unlike typical ozone generators which their ozone production-rate decreases with

increasing humidity in the air, Ecozones ozone generators produce ozone at a constant

rate – independent of the humidity level up to 95% R.H.

What types of treatments should be performed in high humidity conditions?2021-01-12T14:03:12+02:00

Ozone sanitation treatments which include the killing of bacteria and eradication of viruses

require high humidity conditions. Such high humidity levels are typically found in cold

storage rooms (for fruit, meat, and cheese) and in houses after a flood or after the extinguishing of a fire.

Can Ecozone ozone generators also operate in high humidity conditions?2021-01-12T14:02:26+02:00

Yes, Ecozones ozone generators can operate in high humidity conditions up to 95% R.H.

This makes Ecozone machines particularly suitable for conducting ozone treatments at sites

with high humidity levels such as houses that are restored after fire or flood damage.

What is special about the technology on which Ecozone ozone generators are based?2021-01-12T14:01:38+02:00

Ecozones Technology is special since it is the only technology that can provide high

ozone production-rate under any ambient air conditions even at high humidity levels.

The Lion Portable ozone destruct machine 

The Lion Portable ozone destruct machine

The Super ActivO™ Mobile odor control machine


Alpha Tiger Powerful mobile ozone generator machine.

Alpha Tiger powerful mobile ozone generator machine.
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