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Know more about ozone generators

Ozone gas as an efficient disinfectant

Ozone gas is a powerful and very effective oxidizer and is used to remove bad odors and purify the air, as well as to disinfect against biological contaminants as bacteria and viruses. If you have one of Ecozone Technologies Ozone generator you should understand how to use it properly.

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Proper operation of Ecozone ozone generators

Disinfection treatments against bacteria, viruses and molds as well as treatments for removal of odors using Ecozone powerful ozone generators require proper and professional usage and operation. Learn how to properly use and operate Ecozone’s ozone generators and prevents the exposure of people to ozone gas risk.

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Ecozone’s unique catalytic system for rapid decomposition of ozone gas

One of the benefits of Ecozone ozone generators is the unique catalytic system for rapid decomposition of ozone gas, that quickly neutralizes the generated ozone in the treated area. This process is much faster compared to airing of the room, and allows one to return to the treated area in safety.

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Why is there some opposition to the use of ozone as a sanitation treatment?

Ozone has been used as a sanitizing and odor removal agent for years. Those who oppose the use of Ozone for these purposes claim that ozone is a harmful substance. The truth is that Ozone like electricity, may be harmful when not used correctly.

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Ecozone’s unique technology for producing ozone from ambient air

The unique technology of Ecozone for the production of ozone from ambient air is based on a special geometric structure of array. This array is comprised of double dielectric barriers (DDB) with air gaps between them.

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