One of the benefits of Ecozone ozone generators is the unique catalytic system, that quickly neutralizes the generated ozone, and allows one to return to the treated area in safety.

The operation principle of Ecozones ozone decomposition system is based on a special catalytic process. By this catalytic process, ozone molecules are forced to circulate through the destructor system and are efficiently converted back to oxygen molecules without any by-products.

This process follows the chemical process: 2O3 ? Catalyst ? 3O2.

Ecozones unique catalytic system increases the rate of the chemical reaction which converts ozone gas to oxygen gas. This is achieved by using a very special catalyst substance which accelerates the chemical ozone decomposition reaction as shown (schematically) in the following two steps:

Step1: O3 + M ? M-O + O2;

Step2: M-O + O3 ? M + 2O2,

where M stands for the catalyst.

Ecozone’s catalyst-based ozone decomposition system converts harmful ozone into pure oxygen in a clean chemical process and free of any by-products.

In comparison to activated carbon filters, this system has a much higher ozone decomposition efficiency and a much longer life span.

It also reduces running costs for the ozone removal system.

In a continuous circulation of the ozone enriched air through the ozone decomposition system, the ozone concentration inside the treated space is quickly reduced to below the standard safety threshold level under 0.1 ppm.

Due to the enforced decomposition process, the system significantly shortens the time required to decompose the ozone compared to the time required for its natural (spontaneous) decomposition, which usually takes several hours.

For example, the Super ActivO machine can treat a typical hotel room in as little as 15 minutes – including the ozone decomposition cycle.

After 15 minutes the room remains clean with no odor and without residual ozone, and can immediately be reoccupied.

Ecozone ozone decomposition systems are very efficient and provide a high level of safety for users.