Ozone gas is a powerful and highly effective oxidizer. It is used to remove bad odors and to purify the air, as well as to disinfect biological contaminants such as bacteria and viruses. Ecozone Technologies ozone generators produce high concentrations of ozone, resulting in the effective eradication of bacteria and viruses. During the treatment, people, pets and plants should not be present in the room, to avoid exposure to the ozone gas.

Compliance with the precautionary instructions when operating ozone generators

Since ozone is a very reactive gas, it is important that only authorized personnel operate Ecozone Technologies ozone generators, in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.

As is the case with most equipment and materials in common use, the danger lies only in the improper use or in non-compliance with the precautionary instructions.

For example, in antiseptic treatments that include spraying toxic substances (such as hydrogen peroxide), the operator performs the disinfection operation (using a spraying device) when inside a closed room that is being treated.

The operator must therefore wear protective clothing, cover the head, wear a face mask

and glasses to protect the eyes, in order to avoid any exposure to the toxic substance.

Non-adherence to the above-mentioned measures, or incompliance with safety procedures may result in injury.

Ozone gas can negatively affect living creatures because it is a very reactive and efficient oxidizer.

Why ozone is very effective in eradicating viruses and bacteria

The ozone oxidizes carbon-rich biological substances which are found in organic molecules and living cells and tissues. This is the reason that ozone is also very effective in eradicating viruses and bacteria which are composed of such organic molecules.

Therefore, ozone generators which produce adequate amounts of ozone in a given period, are very effective when disinfecting biological contaminants and in removing odors of biological origin inside enclosed spaces. This includes hotel rooms, care homes, offices, residences and public buildings like schools, cinemas, and entertainment centers.

Ozone has a number of distinct advantages.

Firstly, it is highly efficient when used as a disinfectant against bacterial and viral contaminants (compared to other gases, such as Chlorine), due to its high reactivity in the oxidation and decomposition of carbon-rich organic molecules.

Secondly, the big advantage of ozone gas is the fact that it naturally decomposes and converts back into oxygen. This prevents the risk of exposure to ozone gas after the treatment.

However, the spontaneous (natural) process of ozone decomposition back to oxygen takes a relatively long time. This process can be speeded up by an enforced decomposition of the ozone gas, thus saving the long and unnecessary waiting time, before entering treated rooms.

Ecozone Technologies has developed special ozone decomposition units that are based on an enforced catalytic process which can disintegrate the ozone molecules back to pure oxygen molecules in a relatively short time and with no by-products.

The unique ozone decomposition units are included in the Super ActivO ozone generator, and in the stand-alone Lion ozone decomposition unit.