Disinfection treatments against bacteria, viruses and molds as well as treatments for removal of odors using Ecozone Technologies powerful ozone generators, require proper and professional usage and operation.

Proper usage and operation of Ecozone technologies ozone generators

Proper usage and operation of Ecozone technologies ozone generators prevents the exposure of people to ozone gas and putting them at risk of any harm from ozone. Proper operation of Ecozone ozone generators in performing bacteriological disinfection and sanitation treatments inside closed spaces, such as hotel rooms, elderly care homes, offices, kitchens and restaurants, residential homes, schools, cinemas, etc., are performed only by authorized personnel who were specially trained and qualified to provide such professional treatments.

It includes the following steps:

  1. Ensure the room to be treated is vacant of people, pets and plants (PPP).
  2. Hang a sign outside the room (on the door) with a warning: “Please DO NOT enter the room”.
  3. Close all windows and doors of the room.
  4. Place the ozone generator in the center of the room and set its operation mode and cycle time. The ozone generator is turned on and off automatically.
  5. Activate the ozone decomposition unit to commence operation at the end of the operation cycle of the ozone generator. The ozone decomposition unit operates automatically according to the pre-setting of its time controller. This unit decomposes the residual ozone and lowers its concentration level below the safety threshold .Thus the room can be re-occupied immediately after the treatment.
  6. In case the ozone generator is operated alone without an ozone decomposition unit, it is mandatory to wait 3 – 4 times the duration of the ozone generation cycle time before re-entering the treated room, and then to open the windows for air refreshment.

One of the advantages of working with Ecozone Technologies ozone generators is that the operator is not present – and must not be present (!) – inside the room during the treatment (as required, for example, in antiseptic treatments using toxic sprays).Therefore the operator is not required to wear protective clothing and is free to carry out other activities during the treatment.

After pre-setting the operation cycle, the operator needs only to activate the machine and immediately leave the room, while closing the door behind him. The ozone generator will start its operation automatically after the operator has left the room and will automatically stop operating at the end of the operation cycle.

Due to their high ozone output in a short period, Ecozone Technologies ozone generators can be used for odor removal in rooms with large volumes, such as in buildings that were damaged by fire or flood. These treatments are performed by professional service personnel who specialize in deep cleaning in the restoration market segment.