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Restoration services after fire disasters and the impact on the quality of life

Contact us for further details Fire disasters are extremely stressful occurrences that seriously impact on the quality of life of those directly and indirectly affected. Restoration and professional cleaning companies play an important role in the physical and psychological recovery process. The restoration companies need to provide support and understanding to the disaster victims, by listening to their most pressing needs, and then to fulfil these needs in a prioritized professional manner. [...]

Retirement Homes during the Health Crisis

Contact us for further details 3 Key Solutions how to protect tenants, guests, and workers from the risk of infection. Retirement homes have been severely affected by widescale infections during the Covid19 pandemic. The reasons are manifold but can be summarized as follows: The elderly are at a higher risk of infection due to a weakened immune system. Guests and family members may be introducing the virus into a closed environment. The [...]

Room Disinfection to increase guest safety and trust in the Hospitality sector

Contact us for further details Cleaning protocols for the Hospitality sector Hotel rooms and public areas are breeding grounds for infection unless they are properly treated by professional cleaning teams. A holistic and systematic approach to disinfection should be adopted, to ensure the safety of hotel guests and staff. The cleaning protocols should include 3 distinct categories: Visible surfaces and equipment in the rooms Invisible and hard to reach surfaces in the [...]

Disinfection and Odor Removal Equipment for the Hospitality Sector What factors should be considered before signing a purchasing agreement.

Contact us for further details All apples are born equal- but some are born more equal than others. Purchasing new equipment can be a daunting issue. Manufacturers make extravagant claims - but does the equipment perform accordingly? Benchmarking is done not only by comparing specs on a data-sheet. One has to verify these specs. Are you comparing apples with apples?! Ecozone produces powerful Ozone generators for Disinfection and Odor removal, [...]

The Hospitality Sector Challenges and opportunities during the COVID 19 health crisis

Contact us for further details The Hospitality Industry has suffered from a dramatic fall in occupancy rates during the last 6 months. Not only have potential guests been subject to drastic lockdowns in many countries, but the remaining brave souls” may lack the confidence that Hotels are a safe- haven during a health crisis. Customer confidence and Trust- the keyword to success Discerning guests are now placing much more emphasis on health and [...]

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