All apples are born equal- but some are born more equal than others.
Purchasing new equipment can be a daunting issue.
Manufacturers make extravagant claims – but does the equipment perform accordingly?
Benchmarking is done not only by comparing specs on a data-sheet.
One has to verify these specs.

Are you comparing apples with apples?!

Disinfection and Odor Removal Equipment for the Hospitality Sector What factors should be considered before signing a purchasing agreement.

Ecozone produces powerful Ozone generators for Disinfection and Odor removal, especially in the Hospitality sector.

If you are considering the purchase of equipment to protect Hotel guests and staff from airborne viruses and microorganisms- consider the following points:

  • Ozone generation rate- affects the speed of room sanitation
  • Room size- does the equipment output match the need?
  • Humidity conditions – can the product operate EFFECTIVELY and generate ozone at the same rate even in high humidity conditions”?
  • Reliability- will the machine perform as promised over years of intensive use?
  • Maintenance- can the machine be easily maintained with minimum service requirements?
  • Price- quality has a price tag- but repays handsomely with peace of mind.

Looking for a perfect solution to increase guest confidence in the Hospitality sector?

Ecozone have a range of Ozone generators that match your specific needs and budget.

Contact us to discuss the most appropriate and cost effective  solution for your business