Room Disinfection to increase guest safety and trust in the Hospitality sector

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    Cleaning protocols for the Hospitality sector

    Cleaning protocols for the Hospitality sector

    Hotel rooms and public areas are breeding grounds for infection unless they are properly treated by professional cleaning teams.

    A holistic and systematic approach to disinfection should be adopted, to ensure the safety of hotel guests and staff.

    The cleaning protocols should include 3 distinct categories:

    1. Visible surfaces and equipment in the rooms
    2. Invisible and hard to reach surfaces in the rooms
    3. Air disinfection in the rooms

    Visible surfaces and equipment in the rooms

    All furniture surfaces which come in contact with food and beverages, or textiles of all kinds, should be frequently wiped with a clean cloth, and standard detergents, to remove dust, dirt, and bacteria that result from regular use of the room. Door handles, light switches, digital controls, fridges, faucets and sanitary equipment should be treated in the same fashion.

    To prevent cross contamination between rooms, the cleaning cloths should not be used in multiple rooms and laundered daily.

    This basic requirement is needed to provide a clean look and feel for new guests but cannot guarantee that the room is totally disinfected and free of harmful viruses, bacteria and germs frequently found in hotel rooms and offices.

    Visible but hard to reach or inaccessible surfaces in the rooms

    Many cleaning protocols do not pay attention to the dangers of harmful bacteria and viruses that collect and multiply in the most inaccessible points in the room.

    Dust dirt and other micro- organisms will settle on all surfaces in the room, including the most inaccessible points on ceilings, cupboards, curtains, mattresses and ducting. These surfaces should be frequently vacuumed to remove the settled dust and dirt. The vacuum cleaners and filters should be frequently disinfected to prevent the transfer of micro-organisms between the rooms.

    While it essential to prevent a buildup of dust and dirt, regular vacuuming cannot remove harmful viruses, bacteria and germs that settle on the inaccessible points in the room.

    Air disinfection and circulation in the rooms

    Ozone treatment for Hotel rooms

    It is essential to maintain optimal air quality in the rooms for guest safety and satisfaction.

    Odor free rooms are the bare minimum, but close attention should be paid to the air quality and general environment. Regular cleaning of the air conditioning ducts and filters will prevent the formation of mold and contribute to cleaner air flow.

    However, these steps alone cannot guarantee that the air is odor free and free of harmful bacteria and viruses, which contribute to the spread of infection amongst the guests.

    One of the most successful methods to treat this issue is the periodic use of Ozone to eliminate the presence of harmful bacteria and viruses

    Based on research at leading Universities, it has been established that Ozone treatment of rooms can efficiently remove these health hazards, and easily disinfect the entire room, including the textiles, carpets, mattresses and hidden spots.

    Ozone, as a gas, can reach every point in the room, and will dramatically reduce the potentially dangerous viruses and bacteria in the air, and on all visible and hidden surfaces.

    Daily Ozone treatment in occupied rooms will ensure an odor free and safe air environment for guests and workers alike.

    It is critical that the ozone generators used for this purpose, be capable of operating in high humidity conditions, and be powerful enough to complete the disinfection process in a short period of time. Ecozone ozone generators, based on years of intensive R&D, are designed for such a scenario, and will complete the job in as little as 15 minutes.

    Ozone in Nature

    Ozone occurs naturally in the atmosphere during lightning storms when high voltage discharges from the sky to the ground. The Singlet Pentarod™™, Ecozones unique and patented core technology, succeeds in imitating this process, yielding high amounts of ozone from ambient air, even in humid or dusty conditions.

    Ecozone Technologies- manufacturers of unique ozone generators, based on proprietary technology, supply efficient and cost- effective disinfection and odor removal equipment, for offices, hotel rooms, medical clinics, gymnasiums, schools, and cultural centers.

    Go the extra mile- you will be rewarded with satisfied guests and workers.

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    Ecozones ambient air based ozone generators are the State-of-the-Art in the ozone industry, leading it both in performance and reliability.

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