Ozone has been used as a sanitizing and odor removal agent for years. Those who oppose the use of Ozone for these purposes claim that ozone is a harmful substance. The truth is that Ozone like electricity, may be harmful when not used correctly. We cannot imagine a world without electricity, yet electric shock can cause damage and even death. This of course does not prevent us from using electrical appliances, taking all the necessary precautions.

The solution therefore is to use Ozone according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and to take all precautionary measures. This will prevent accidents and provide outstanding results- whether we are sanitizing or deodorizing rooms or public areas.

Ecozones professional ozone generators are most efficient in indoor sanitation applications and thus essential for deep cleaning, disinfection and odor removal treatments. They provide a unique contribution in the effort to deactivate bacteria and viruses, in retirement homes, hotels, sports facilities and gyms, and pubs and restaurants.

Unfortunately, many of the objections to the use of ozone are based on ignorance, and from the lack of understanding how ozone should be utilized in closed areas.

Ecozone provide detailed instructions to professional cleaning companies and maintenance engineers, to ensure that they achieve safe and optimal results in any given room or public area.

Ecozone, as a leading manufacturer of high-quality ozone sanitizers, operates in a market that includes traditional suppliers of cleaning products. This may include manufacturers of “bio” disinfectants, (liquids which are applied by spraying), and air purification devices that are operated in the presence of people, typically based on ionizers, UV bulbs and air filters.

As is often the case, correctly matching the technology or product to the problem at hand, will result in the best solution. Only ozone, as a gas, can penetrate inaccessible points in any room, or in fabrics, bedding and upholstery. The ozone treatment supplied by Ecozone, will deactivate any harmful micro-organisms in both the air and on the surfaces a definite advantage when considering the alternatives.

The problem of low-quality ozone generators in the market

The presence of low-quality ozone generators in the market, has led to a negative image for the technology in general amongst certain sectors of the public. In order to achieve effective results, it is essential that the equipment can produce enough ozone, in a specific timeframe, to match the size of the room, and the humidity conditions that prevail. Many cheap ozone generators in the market, do not have the capacity required to fully sanitize and odorize the treated areas.

One should note that even inefficient low-cost ozone generators, while not producing enough ozone to achieve positive results, nevertheless produce enough ozone to potentially harm persons that are present in the room.

Therefore, it is essential that persons, pets and plants should be evacuated from the room during the treatment.

To summarize, Ecozone manufactures highly reliable ozone sanitizers that produce high ozone outputs, well above the required levels to receive optimal results. All residual ozone is fully decomposed by the built-in catalytic system, enabling persons to enter the area in total safety after completion of the treatment.

Professional sanitation providers and trained inhouse maintenance teams can now supply in-depth cleaning services that provide guests and residents with a safe fully sanitized environment.