Ozone is a naturally powerful disinfectant that instantly eradicates many harmful micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses,
while also immediately neutralizing unpleasant odors.

Sanitation Now more than Ever

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    Ecozone Technologies is a world leader in the development and manufacture of ozone generators for sanitation and odor control

    For hotel rooms, medical clinics, locker rooms, gymnasiums, convention centers, restaurants, entertainment centers.

    • After fire and flood disasters, Ozone treatment can easily remove unpleasant odors, mold and fungus.
    • Ozone removes alcohol, perfume, cigarette smoke, sweat, food and other odors from hotel rooms and public areas
    • Locker rooms, gymnasiums, convention centers, restaurants, entertainment centers, medical clinics are easily deodorized using ozone treatment.

    Ozone as a powerful disinfectant

    Numerous academic studies have shown that Ozone can safely and efficiently sanitize and disinfect public areas and rooms. The oxidizing quality deactivates viruses and airborne micro organisms that are on surfaces or in the air.

    Ecozone Technologies- leaders in the Ozone Solution market

    Five advantages

    • The ability to produce high volumes of ozone in a short period of time, and to disperse the ozone in the entire target room using the fountain effect
    • The ability to effectively operate in very humid conditions
    • 95% of the energy consumed by the patented Singlet PentaRod is transformed into generated ozone, more than any competing products
    • Our machines are super-efficient in ozone generation rate (g/h) per power consumption. This is the result of low energy losses (less than 5% is lost as heat)
    • Ecozone produce pure ozone generated from ambient air without unwanted NOx by-products.

    Ecozone technologies are looking for

    • Distributors that supply equipment to hotels, educational facilities, restaurants, hospitals and clinics, gymnasiums, entertainment centers
    • Airconditioning equipment suppliers
    • Laundry equipment suppliers
    • Companies that supply professional cleaning services
    • Hotel groups that provide inhouse cleaning services